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Providing practical solutions that positively impact your bottom line.


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Project Portfolio Management As A Service (PPMaaS)

  • Portfolio Project Management

  • Project Office

  • Org Development & Optimization

  • Project Methodologies

  • Project Advisory & Selection

Management of Large Capital Projects

  • "Owner's Representative"

  • Provision of Project Management Staff

  • Budget and Spend Management

Management of

IT Projects

  • Data Center Consolidations

  • Application Upgrades

  • System Validations

  • Software Development

  • SOO/SOW/PWS Development

  • Service Integration



Project Managers 

  • PMI Registered Education Provider

  • Training & Education

  • Mindfulness & Awareness

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Mentoring & Coaching


    Some of our past projects
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    Financial Services Project Portfolio Implementation

    A $7 billion financial services corporation determined its IT department was responding too slowly, costing too much, and providing the wrong software products and services. Executive leadership demanded an immediate improvement.

    GPMG was engaged to implement a disciplined project and portfolio management solution that included requirements gathering, project selection, IT project management, portfolio management, continuous process improvement, and training with mentoring.

    Large IT Data Center Migration

    An agency had an urgent need to migrate to a new centralized secure IT Data Center.  The existing data center had been constrained by budget cuts and consisted of 187 business application servers (160 of which were out of warranty), and a variety of expiring operation and support software  license and maintenance agreements. 


    GPMG was engaged to provide planning and collaborative oversight to migrate the aging data center fleet to a new centralized IT Data Center over 200 miles away. Many items would have to be coordinated to ensure a seamless migration. 

    Business Relocation

    A CMMI level 3 software development organization was required to vacate occupied space in Kansas City and move portions of the organization to locations in Indianapolis and Kansas City. The workforce consisted of a mix of military, civilian, and contract workforce. 


    GPMG was engaged to provide project management services as part of the move for the software development organization.  GPMG established a project management office,  developed and implemented integrated project plan to hire/relocate 550 resources, select the facility and build-out, relocate and certify IT operations, maintain business continuity, mitigate risks, and ensure legal requirements were satisfied.

    Enterprise Managed Print Services

    A government department was in pursuit of enterprise managed print shared service solutions to support their 120,000 employees located in each of their 17 agencies and 17 departmental offices. The project required the replacement the aging fleet of 50,000 plus printers which were: out of warranty, lacked security compliance, and very costly from a maintenance and operational perspective.

    GPMG was engaged to provide a variety of services to institutionalize managed print services to the government department. GPMG led the effort to develop the Market Research Report, Lessons Learned, Performance Work Statement (PWS), the Project Charter, and the evaluation criteria. In addition, GPMG led the effort to represent the government department with the vendor to establish the project implementation structure including governance, roles and responsibilities, project plans and schedules, issues management, communications and marketing plans, stakeholder engagement, risk management, resource management, deployment strategies, and concept of operations.

    Large Capital Retail Warehouse Transportation Solution

    A Midwest retailer required a one million square foot warehouse transportation solution to replace and expand their distribution capabilities.


    GPMG was engaged as the "owner's representative" to provide project management for the warehouse transportation solution.

    GPMG effort resulted in an operational dry/cold warehouse with transportation  support and the "Project of the Year" Award from the St. Louis PMI Chapter.

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    Our work

    About Us

    Global Project Management Group (GPMG) is a high-impact consulting firm focused on providing management services that improve your bottom line. Our high-impact consulting approach actually works with you to provide value added solutions to your problems rather than applying canned conventional solutions which do little to change your situation. Our philosophy is focused on eliminating those non-value-added processes and minimizing resource effort to implement projects as efficiently and as effectively as possible.  Whether we are implementing our Project Portfolio Management As A Service (PPMaaS), managing large capital or IT projects, or instilling knowledge in your resources, our focus remains the same.

    Advantages of Our Approach
    • Increased Client Knowledge Value - Progressive learning for the client and the consultant

    • Better Change Management - Enhanced client solution implementation and acceptance

    • Quicker Return on Investment (ROI) - Quicker return on project, portfolio, and organizational investments

    Our Innovations

    Our approach has paved the way for multiple innovations over time.  While not necessarily rocket science, each of these innovations has provided a way for clients to maximize their output for operations and delivery which in turn provides the best ROI for their efforts.

    • Project Portfolio Management As A Service

    • Consumption for Change

    • 3-D Organizational Management Modeling

    • Non-PMO Management

    • Project Profiling

    • Implementing Grit

    • Rapid PPMaaS Implementation

    • Project Selection That Makes A Difference

    Where We Have Worked
    • Financial Services

    • Construction Management

    • Utilities

    • Municipalities

    • Aerospace

    • Mergers & Acquisitions

    • Retailers

    • Telecommunications

    • Manufacturing

    • Government: City, State, Federal

    • Engineering

    • Information Technology

    What We Have Accomplished

    Below are results of some of the projects our associates have implemented:

    • Managed the construction and start-up of a $115 million fresh produce and dry goods 1 million square feet warehouse

    • Managed the development and implementation of $110 million Managed Print Services Program for USDA

    • Managed the construction and start-up of a $30 million bakery

    • Managed the construction and implementation of a $40 million retail distribution and transportation terminal

    • Successful DOD Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) for USMC: Established and managed PMO, developed PMO website, and developed unique resource transition tool to minimize performance loss during replacement hiring and relocation of civilians which resulted in smooth transition of an IT Development organization

    • Managed the implementation of an IT Mid-Tier Migration from location to location with a refresh of HDW, SFW, network, and change of hosting agencies

    • Implemented a PMO across an IT organization representing Enterprise Server, Mid-Tier, and Applications with 120 systems serving over 225,000 customers for a 550 resource IT organization

    • Established an eight-fold increase in IT maintenance efficiency through proper project design

    • Achieved a 60% reduction of operating costs from consolidation and automation of numerous warehouse operations

    • Achieved nine-fold increase of high tech product acceptance through proper design and implementation techniques

    • Achieved $2million reduction of operating costs through the automation of financial services

    • Successfully merged two aerospace defense contractors’ IT organizations

    • Managed the design/installation of the largest order fulfillment center in the U.S.

    Our Mission

    We transform our client's abilities (processes, knowledge, skills, and attitudes) to deliver projects more efficiently and effectively than their competitors to significantly enhance our client's capability to contribute to bottom line profits.

    Our History

    Global Project Management Group (GPMG) was founded in 1993 by James Klanke, PMP.  James began his consulting practice after serving many years as a project manager at AT&T Microelectronics. Over the past 24 years, GPMG has served many clients in a variety of industries with a wide variety of needs from implementation of Project Management Offices to management of large capital projects to providing training and mentoring to organizational leadership for management of projects and portfolios. GPMG remains a boutique consulting firm with a focus on successful client delivery and innovative solutions. While the focus has not changed much over the last 24 years, it has matured. Clients can no longer tolerate traditional project management, portfolio management, or strategic management processes. Clients require common sense flexible adaptable value-added approaches to all their problems. GPMG has led the way in much of the common sense value-added approaches constantly supplying clients with fresh ideas to improve ROI at all levels of the organization.

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