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Development of Project Managers

Learning is the key to all improvement.....

Repeating activities that produce dismal results time after time will result in continued dismal results. Since GPMG focuses on improving your bottom line results, your learning is a key component of our focus. Consider these statistics:

  • Students forget 65% of what they learned in a classroom within 24 hours

  • Students forget 80% of what they learned within one month

  • Students remember 90% of what they do and say


GPMG's training focus is on doing and saying. Why is this important? Because you require significant value in return for your training dollars invested (ROTI - return on training investment).


GPMG training and education is created with the following concepts in mind:

  • Training output must positively impact your bottom line results

  • Training is based on do and say throughout

  • Instructors have lived the training content as part of their career

  • Training content is grounded on industry standards of the profession including PMI PMBOK Guide, AGILE, Lean Six Sigma, and CMMI

  • Training content reflects original thinking in terms of the introduction of new tools and doing less with less

  • Training is customized to provide the most value (ROTI) to you


GPMG offers a variety of learning options to align with your requirements. Our general philosophy for class participation includes roughly 40% lecture and 60% discussion, examples, role playing, case studies, individual and group exercises, and quizzes. We utilize a mix of flip charts, whiteboards, props, videos, online tools, game boards, mind maps, and flash cards as our delivery methods. We offer the following learning options:

Onsite Learning

GPMG provides a series of courses which can be offered individually or as part of an overall curriculum. Our courses include integrated problem solving (based on Six Sigma principles), requirements development, project management from concept to close-out, establishing Project Management Offices, and managing a portfolio of projects. Courses range from 1 to 5 days and curriculums range from 9 to 24 days. Courses and curriculums are customized to maximize client results.

Courses include:

Project Management Mentoring & Coaching

One of the most powerful ways to encourage a change within the organization is to provide ongoing mentoring and coaching as a form of support. Acting on-site, we can ensure that project management techniques and tools are applied practically and usefully. Project managers/participants receive their training in a real life setting, working on real corporate problems as they learn how to customize PM methodologies and techniques and how to overcome working frustrations.

Project Management Curricula Development

We offer a variety of curricula designed to provide individuals with an understanding of project management and business management. We have core curricula for earning a Project Management Certificate or customized curriculum.

Project Management Computer Simulations

We offer a variety of workshops designed for self-discovery in applying knowledge to a host of problems. The workshops compress months of actual, hands-on experience into three to five training days to produce more effective managers

  • Project Leadership Simulation – a real project environment with the aid of a computer simulation supported by lectures, ongoing feedback, group discussions, process consultation, team assessments, and more.

  • Enterprise Wide Simulation – This workshop presents a highly realistic multiple-project management experience where participates manage a portfolio of projects using the organization's goals and strategic initiatives.

Project Management Certification Programs

We offer project manager certification programs tailored to multiple levels of skills, knowledge, and responsibilities possessed by project manager professionals. These programs are incorporated into your human resource management models and fully support PMI's PMP award program. Some of the benefits of this type of recognition program are:

  • Motivation for the participant to improve

  • Basis for a performance-based salary structure

  • Standardization of job classes

  • Enhanced resource management capabilities

  • Enhanced organizational capabilities

  • An Overview of Project Management

  • PMP Exam Preparation

  • Planning & Scheduling

  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

  • A Course In Requirements Development & Management

  • A Course in Project Management and PMP Preparation

  • Doing Less with Less Workshop

  • Mining Group Gold

  • Establishing a Project Office

  • Planning and Scheduling Workshop

  • An Executive Overview of Project Management

  • Integrated Problem Solving & Decision Making

Successful project management is not a cookbook. The secret is to know how to manage the gray areas. The gray areas occur on the project during the heat of the battle. Case studies, discussions, role playing, and exercises are used to highlight common gray areas.

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