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Management of Large Capital Projects

Has your organization ever pursued a large capital project that was far out of the realm of your normal business operations, or with such impossible constraints, you simply didn’t know what to do? Consider the following:

  •       7 out of 10 customers are dissatisfied with their project results

  •       Only 10% of all projects are completed on time and within budget

  •       Only 5% of all projects are completed with their original scope

Since capital project investment dollars are tight, it only makes sense to collaborate with GPMG expertise to minimize the risk of implementation and maximize the ROI.  GPMG specializes in the management of large capital projects and serving as the “owner’s representative”. GPMG provides project managers, project subject matter experts, project support teams, project offices, and applicable methodologies, tools, and software to support the implementation of large capital projects.  Examples of management and support include:

  •       Business case analysis and support

  •       Project initiation with project charter

  •       Requirements gathering

  •       Project plan development

  •       Project scheduling and tracking with master schedule and sub-project schedules

  •       Project organization charts and decision matrixes

  •       Project document repository – web portals and use of project management tools

  •       Project communication management

  •       Project action logs and issues management

  •       Project risk management

  •       Budget baseline (budget spreadsheet, spend plan vs actual tracking charts, use of EVM)

  •       Vendor service integration and procurement management

  •       Project resource management

  •       Project baselining and change control

  •       Project execution

  •       Project monitoring and control

  •       Project close-out


Common capital project efforts include large construction projects such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, data center consolidations, and organizational relocations / expansions which are typically out of the normal operations of the purchasing organization.  GPMG typically represents the organization regarding all aspects of the project to ensure the organization meets their objectives and maximizes their ROI.  The complexity of managing the multiple vendors, change management of an added capability for the organization, and introducing the new capability into operations while altering the existing environment is paramount to success. GPMG works with the organization and tracks each of the critical elements to monitor the potential impacts of deviation.

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