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Management of IT Projects

GPMG provides a variety of IT support services as part of managing IT projects.  This support originated from client projects in which GPMG provided oversight, management and support.  As GPMG worked with the organizations, GPMG identified common themes which were weaknesses for organizations in terms of trying to maximize the organizations’ ROI.  As a result, GPMG developed methodologies and support for the following areas:

  •       Data Center Consolidations

  •       Software Application Upgrades

  •       System Validations

  •       Software Development

  •       SOO / SOW / PWS Development

  •       Service Integration

Data Center Consolidations

A data center consolidation has many conflicting and converging requirements which must be considered prior to the actual consolidation effort.  GPMG carefully leads the examination of these requirements to ensure the organization achieves the goals and the ROI they are expecting from the consolidation.  Elements which are included as part of the analysis include: data structures and data management, security requirements, hardware and software requirements, operations, management, and applications and business processes, business continuity and disaster recovery, locations, vendor management, warranties and licensing, capabilities and capacity, resource skills and availability, technology innovations, future client needs, industry characteristics, and regulatory trends.  A data center consolidation is extremely complex; GPMG plans the consolidation in detail and follows up with multiple rehearsals to identify weaknesses in execution prior to actual consolidation.

Software Application Upgrades

Application upgrades can be significant for an organization.  When a vendor decides to stop supporting a product or version, the organization doesn't necessarily simply upgrade to the new version. A great deal of planning is required.  Consideration must be given to annual budgets and forecasts, version conflicts, interfaces, data conflicts, application conflicts and management, incompatibilities, operations, development, customer and end user impacts, operational release cycles, software development strategies, hardware requirements, logistics, business continuity and disaster recovery, industry characteristics, and regulatory trends. GPMG facilitates the discovery and analysis of information identifying appropriate strategies and minimizing risks and constructs a plan which considers each of the elements from the organization’s perspective.

System Validations

Today's information networks require very sophisticated security rigor.  GPMG provides validation planning and certified validators who are very capable of assessing the condition of system documentation and operational processes.  GPMG validators provide document and system review as well as validation for system Authorization To Operation (ATO) to assist clients with meeting Federal and State network connection requirements.

Software Development

Software development has undergone many changes during the last decade.  The transition from waterfall to multiple agile methodologies has placed the emphasis on timely targeted SDLC outcomes for customers. The shift in software development and from mainframe to cloud server environments has impacted organizations in many different ways.  In many cases, the transition just occurred; it wasn't carefully planned.  In some cases, the transition hasn't occurred at all; the organization simply added another technology environment without reducing their footprint in an existing technology. The model is like hanging onto VHS tapes while storing latest videos on YouTube. The model results in something extra to manage which increases the cost footprint, but doesn’t enhance the ROI for the organization.  GPMG provides a variety of analysis and support in software development and technology environments to position organizations to maximize their ROI for their IT efforts.

SOO / SOW / PWS Development

Many organizations have to outsource their large capital efforts to vendors and contractors.  While selection of vendors can be an exhausting process, the development of an accurate SOO/SOW/PWS document is critical to the long-term success of the procurement / acquisition for an organization.  GPMG facilitates the content development of these proposal documents for organizations to ensure all aspects of the requirements are considered along with the impact of the requirements on the various entities within the organization.

Service Integration

The management of Information Technology is complex for many organizations. Add the multiple vendors who provide a component of the Information Technology and attempt to seamlessly deliver business services and the puzzle becomes even more risky for maximizing ROI.  GPMG provides structured Service Integration services to ensure organizations are focusing on their core competencies to operate and grow their business.  These services are provided with a variety of levels and complexities.

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